Early system sketch 1

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Breathing Games, RCA2023 show, Truman Brewery, London, 13th July – 16 July 2023
High-stake breathing apparatus designed to explore resource distribution in closed-system environments. An adaptable, hygienic, multiplayer system that enables participants to consume, store, steal or share resources. It is a semi-scientific experiment with broader implications and the capability to catalyse new understandings of resource consumption and distribution and competitive vs cooperative behaviour.
PLA, PVC, neoprene, neodymium magnets

Claude Dutson, Academic Researcher
Alex Williams, Academic Researcher
TJ Chen, Designer
Rui Huang, Lead Design Engineer at Dyson
Tibor Balint, Principal Human Centered Designer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Bahador Bahrami, Senior Scientist and Director of Crowd Cognition Lab
Nichola Raihani, Professor of Evolution and Behaviour