Kulttuurisauna visit and discussion with co-architect, Tuomas Toivonen

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London Sauna Project, research project and installation - 2021/22
How to cultivate a sweat bathing culture in London? How to make wellness socio-economically inclusive and with minimal environmental impact? To answer these questions, I travelled, interviewed, collaborated and joined in sauna rituals with key voices in the global sauna community.

Jarmo Lehtola, member and former CEO of Finnish Sauna Society
Samppa Lappalainen, architect of Steam of Life Pavilion
Ritva Ohmeroluoma, vice-chairman of Finnish Sauna Society
Victoria Maddox, founder of Hackney Wick Sauna Baths
Tommi Ullgrén, Finnish Sauna Ambassador 
Mika Meskanen & Wendy Liu, founders of British Sauna Society
Mikkel Aaland, maker of documentary, Perfect Sweat
Tuomas Toivonen, co-architect of Kulttuurisauna